Woman discovers she is a binge eater

This is such good news.

A woman wrote to me that, to her shock,  she just discovered she is a binge eater.She is  looking for help.

I hope you can appreciate my gladness at her discovery. I'm not happy that someone has any form of an eating disorder. But when a person discovers that she has an eating disorder that discovery brings her the opportunity to gain health and happiness.

She now has an opportunity to stop criticizing herself about her weakness, bad character, and the other horrible and relentless judgments anyone who binges on food makes about herself. Once she knows she has an illness, a disorder with a name, she can move into her recovery work.

5 Tips for Self Care in Recovering from New Year's Stress and High Hopes

New Years aftermath

The week after New Years can be tough. Fantasies around New Years may be more powerful than Christmas wishes. New Years is often a time of hope for the end of eating disorder symptoms.

Tips as Cure? The following recovery tips are not a cure for bulimia or anorexia or binge eating. But they are a way to catch hold of some health so you can take the steps necessary for solid recovery. And wouldn't that be a nice way to start the New Year?

Greet the New Year with a Gratitude Journal

Feeling down?

Why not greet with New Year with a gratitude journal?

You can start by putting a reminder note on your bathroom sink mirror that says, “Add one item to your gratitude journal, no matter how small.”

Find your authentic self hidden by eating disorder symptoms

light at the core 512px-Švejcar.Světlo.kříže
                           Light from within, the essential nature and energy of the whole. pix *

If you suffer from an eating disorder you may not know the difference between your symptoms and your authentic identity. Knowing you have an identity that is different and more powerful than your eating disorder behaviors is a vital component in your recovery.

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