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Self-Worth: 15 questions to build your self-esteem and self-confidence

Build your self-worth and soar*pix Rise and soar in freedom


Self-worth can get bogged down by your self criticisms, binge eating, negative body image and destructive behaviors. Unhappiness about your weight and shape adds to your low self-esteem. You may be confusing your authentic identity with your compulsive behaviors and merciless attacks on yourself. The result is you don't believe you have much self-worth.

Instead of sinking into depression because your self-worth and self-esteem are low, explore these 15 questions. Find out if what you are telling yourself is true.

Personal Detective Work

Do you believe the genuine you fuels your problematic behaviors?
Or do you have an inner knowing that what fuels these behaviors is not the real you?

Friends Change as You Heal in Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery Experience: losing and making friendsFriends change as you heal and mature. Being in harmony with your true self attracts new and more healthy relationships. *

When you have an eating disorder friends who are attracted to you are attracted to who you are and how you respond with your eating disorder intact. Friend change as you change throughout your recovery work.

How you and your friends change as you recover

When you are deep in your eating disorder your friends and associates have a relationship with a sick person.  When you start to get well your attitudes, choices and responses change. Your friends' responses will change too.

Making Your Bed: Big Healing Power in Small Steps

Healing power of making your bed

Making Your Bed
Here is a gift to yourself: A welcoming bed offering you comfort, a reading choice and a snuggle blanket. 

I'm a psychotherapist. I often tell new patients about the value of making your bed in the morning.

They are often shocked that I would say something so mundane when the real issues were their anxiety or depression or relationship difficulties or their PTSD.

I respond that when you have such issues, making your bed in the morning is even more important.

Anxiety and depression affect your life at home, at work and everywhere you go because you are hiding.

Anxiety in Professional Women Today: Personal Growth is the Solution

Anxiety in Professional WomenThe gold standard we use to evaluate our lives is changing. Anxiety is a call for us to change.

Well Educated Professional Woman's Anxiety and Worry 

An intelligent, educated professional woman is anxious.  Her meals last as long as the movie she is watching. Her sleep is disrupted. She's not interested in sex with her husband. She can't see how to make a safe and secure future for her children.

She built her career, her marriage and her life with a thoughtful appraisal of hopes, risks and requirements. She planned to maintain the life she values. She has, or had, at least a general picture of what obstacles she would need to face to move into a satisfying future. The future she anticipated is crashing. Deeper personal growth is needed now.

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