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In-Patient Experience

A wonderful, honest, detailed and accurate description of what it's like to go through an eating disorder in-patient experience is posted on: Molly Freedenberg shared her eating disorder recovery viewpoint and by so doing, gave a gift to the eating disorder recovery community. Her post dispels myths and fantasies about early recovery. I'm especially glad that her vivid examples make clear that in-patient or residential treatment is the beginning, not the end of recovery.

In-patient and Residential Treatment

A worried mother called me this morning, concerned that she had not yet received my eating disorder in-patient/residential treatment program list. I was on vacation in Maui with my family and couldn't send the list until today. The mother, in the Midwest, is deeply concerned about her 25 year old daughter on the east coast who is a compulsive overeater and obese. They are both looking for an in-patient program that will get her started in recovery.

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