Eating disorder symptoms do not define a person

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                           Light from within, the essential nature and energy of the whole. pix *

If you suffer from an eating disorder you may not know the difference between your symptoms and your authentic identity. Knowing you have an identity that is different and more powerful than your eating disorder behaviors is a vital component in your recovery.

Professional Confidentiality and Blogging

               Blogging is public and psychotherapy is private.

Sharing my knowledge with you is a challenge. 

               My deep learning and knowing come not from books and lectures

but from intimate meetings with courageous and determined people who

have given me their trust.  The work takes place in what I consider sacred space.

               In fact, I think the work can only be successful if the time and space my

patients and I share is impenetrable to others and solid for us.

          So please understand, when I give examples I am describing people who are not

and never have been patients or I am creating a fictitious person who represents

what I have seen and heard over many years of being in the field of eating disorder


               What I say in these blogs will be as true as I know truth to be. At the same time I

will be honoring the confidentiality of my patients - past and present. I hope you

understand and can appreciate this aspect of my blog.

Joanna Poppink, MFT, psychotherapist eating disorder specialist, Los Angeles, CA

bulimia, anorexia, compulsive overeating recovery:

Eating disorder recovery journal: tip for increasing value of your entries

stacked-moving-boxes-in-garage-300x225Eating disorder recovery advances more quickly and thoroughly if you combine journal writing with your psychotherapy and treatment program.  You can gain even more value from your journal by using an "unpacking" technique.

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