In-patient and Residential Treatment

A worried mother called me this morning, concerned that she had not yet received my eating disorder in-patient/residential treatment program list. I was on vacation in Maui with my family and couldn't send the list until today. The mother, in the Midwest, is deeply concerned about her 25 year old daughter on the east coast who is a compulsive overeater and obese. They are both looking for an in-patient program that will get her started in recovery.

Emergency Hospitalization, Eating Disorder, Coming Home

window_washingAfter his emergency six week hospitalization for eating disorder recovery, Jeremy asks  if bringing his home into order will help him stabilize.  To me, it sounds as if his emergency escort to the hospital was a rescue mission, and that he is lucky he got his life saved.

Now it's time for him to take over and rescue his own life.  That's true for everyone with an eating disorder. The big questions are what to do? how to start? when to start?

Coping with Feelings after New Years

As you move through this first month of the New Year, I recommend that you read or re-read Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces. This is the classic that can guide your through your journey to eating disorder recovery.

Woman discovers she is a binge eater

gold_starThis is such good news.

A woman wrote to me that, to her shock,  she just discovered she is a binge eater.She is  looking for help.

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