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Symptoms and Effective Treatment Don’t Have a Straight Line Connection

A Human Journey Years ago, when my daughter was a girl, she and I sat atop a heavy black rock encrusted knoll in Dartmoor, in Cornwall England on a lovely spring afternoon.

The Territory
The vista before us was Cornwall in its glory. Before us unfolded the moors, forest and hills, meadows, streams and a river, a few tiny villages, pools of glittering water that might have been small lakes.

The Goal
We picked a point in the distance, she what appealed to her and I what appealed to me. Taking turns we discussed how we might reach our goals.

Mindless Munching, Eating Disorder Recovery, Economic Consequences, Getting Better Anyway

Mindless Munching is the topic of a Wall Street Journal May 13, 2008 article by Melinda Beck.

Mindful Eating
Her article, "Put a End to Mindless Munching," is a credible piece on mindful eating. I’m glad to see this perspective on eating move into greater public awareness via this well respected news publication. My gladness has several aspects. One, information about paying attention to the specific details of your eating experience may help you develop a valuable exercise that can bring you to a normal and healthy way of being present for your genuine experience and genuine body need for nourishment. When you practice mindful eating you can discover what food can offer you. The other deep yearnings you have that are not satisfied by food are then exposed so you can learn to address those needs in a more life enhancing way.

Nourishing Your Right Hemisphere

Understanding Nourishment

Quality food is nourishment. But eating disorders aren’t about nourishment for your body. If you have an eating disorder you eat too much or too little or ou eat food that provide little or no physical sustenance. You know, and so much on the Internet repeats, that you eat or starve for emotional reasons, for soothing, for going numb. You eat or don’t eat in order to treat your body as if it were a thing whose shape and size you can control (or can't control). But what does using food this way actually mean? Why use food, which is supposed to sustain life, in a life destructive manner?

Are You Bingeing on Eating Disorder Recovery?

theta-healingThis title is not a typo. I don’t mean bingeing during eating disorder recovery. I mean actually bingeing on the recovery process itself.

Fear and Hope

If you have an eating disorder you enter psychotherapy with fear and hope. You fear the loss of your eating disorder, and you fear that therapy won’t work to end your eating disorder.

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