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Thanksgiving Day: A Recovery Tool

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Thanksgiving: Give instead of Binge

You can help yourself by helping others this Thanksgiving. Use the meaning of Thanksgiving as a recovery tool and discover real benefits to you.

Question 1: How can I get through Thanksgiving without bingeing or restricting?

Eating Disorder and Family Thanksgiving Dinner: Coping Strategies

Thanksgiving holiday is closely associated with family and food. If you have an eating disorder, being with both family and food means experiencing stress and anxiety levels that can push you into binge or purge or starve or high drama mode. So many expectations surround the holiday that unless you and your family are mentally healthy and emotionally stable disappointments can flare into painful situations. This year the economic downturn has placed disappointment, shock and fear into many homes. Stress levels

Inspiring Student's Eating Disorder Treatment Questions

Eating Disorder Questions

Students of psychology, from grade six through graduate school, write me asking for help with their research papers on eating disorders.

Most want fast help in getting through an assignment, but some genuinely want information to help them understand eating disorders and what it takes to recover.


Gardens and Creating a Healing Environment for Eating Disorder Treatment

Welcoming Garden

A psychology graduate student felt she could ask me questions about being an eating disorder psychotherapist and get some help in writing her case study because she read that my patients wait in a garden before their psychotherapy sessions. She said she felt welcome to write and ask because of my waiting garden.

Nature of Welcome

I lead with this because gardens do call us to enter. People put fences around gardens and install entry gates because a lovely, open garden invites us in. The boundaries creates safety. The open gate gives permission to enter. A garden can be soothing, quieting and can hold you regardless of what you feel or how you look or think you look.

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