Transition to WordPress

In eating disorder recovery work, daily life and blogging, if all goes well, we develop and grow.

Growth inevitably involves change and the process of transitioning from one way of being or living or working to another.

So here I am, in the midst of public transition and change. I believe that I can offer more to people seeking information and support about eating disorders through WordPress.

So I'm learning the new blogging methods required, changing categories so they are more clear for you, and figuring out with my web designer and my WordPress for Dummies how to make this new system work.

Catch 22 in Getting Eating Disorder Treatment

helping-handReaching for Help

Calling or thinking of calling for help in getting eating disorder recovery can put you in an excruciating dilemma. I hope this dilemma doesn't prevent you from reaching out.

Positive Opportunity

Here’s how how the dilemma reveals itself.

Bias Confession from an Eating Disorder Specialist

With or without an eating disorder, you live your life based on your agenda with your values leading the way.

My Bias

However, I am not neutral. I want, with all my heart, for you to live a long healthy life. I want you to be well, to have love, joy, satisfaction, confidence and a genuine liking for yourself as you proceed onward to a feisty, interesting and healthy old age. I especially do not want you to break your own heart.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

NEDAeatingdisorderNational Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Useful Resources for All Year

Here's a list of what I consider useful and substantial resources related to eating disorder information and treatment opportunities.

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