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Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

Trying to find you You are a brave 54 year old woman suffering from compulsive eating. You wrote to me today for help. When I responded to your post, a firewall bounced my response to you back to me. I can't reach you. Perhaps we can find each other again via my blog. I will keep your identifying information removed from this post as I try to connect with you again.

Days after Christmas - Part I - Traditional

Please be especially caring of yourself these immediate days after Christmas. Your emotional momentum culminated in the day that passed. Now you are in a different emotional space. Your psychological and emotional energy wave crashed into the reality of Christmas Day. The fall out is now.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrate the joy and profound mystery of light in the darkness. When we follow the path of eating disorder recovery we learn more about light and darkness than we ever dreamed possible.

The Mystery
I wish you light. And I wish you darkness, too. Why?

Holiday Travel: Your Recovery Kit

Are you traveling this season? Are you going to stay with family? Are you going with friends for a week or weekend of frolic, perhaps in the snow? Maybe you and a friend are taking a few days to be together on retreat in a lovely location. Perhaps you are traveling alone to a seminar, workshop, meditation retreat so you can share the holidays with other people and not be by yourself.

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