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Major Anorexia Treatment Block

Despite publicity around eating disorders today, a major block to treatment for some young people continues to be ignorance and a belief in the achievement of perfection.  Teen-agers may not get treatment because influential adults in their lives believe anorexia is created by willful stubbornness or because they believe the teen is an image of beautiful perfection.  Too often, anorexia propels a young person or an adult to a precarious state of health before treatment, usually residential, is sought.

Teenager wants to help her anorexic and bulimic friend Part II: My Response

girlSurfest 07 Is Here 413364003Teen-age Maggie want to help her friend who struggles with a secret eating disorder. 

 My letter to her:

Maggie, yours is one of the most heartbreaking and challenging of all the requests I receive. Sadly, I receive many requests such as yours.

The girl you call your best friend is pushing you to a new threshold of awareness, maturity, clarity and responsibility. You may or may not cross that threshold.


Maggie, please consider this:

You call Lily your best friend. This girl you speak of is very ill. She suffers from anorexia which is an illness of mind, body and spirit. This distorts her view of others and especially of herself.

Teenager wants to help her anorexic and bulimic friend Part I: The Request

teen450px-Friendship 3
This heartbreaking request for help comes often and in many forms. A teenage girl finds out her best friend is bulimic and anorexic and wants to help her. I’ll make up some names for clarity.

The Story
The story is always a variation on a theme.

P. S. Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

The personal blog post worked! The 54 year old woman seeking help for her compulsive eating wrote me from a different e-mail address. I was able to send her referrals for psychotherapists in her home town. My colleagues were fast and generous in responding with suggestions and helpful guidance.

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