Why Start Psychotherapy?

face soul 3785539 340Shadows of the mind. Light and darkness. Active and passive. More in our depths that we can develop and use than we know.

People usually come to psychotherapy for the first time because they are in pain, bewildered and because everything they knew about problem solving no longer works for them. Going inside their psyches seems like the last option. Even then, they do not know what to expect. At first, they want to know how long it will take to fix their lives.

This is a normal response when a person is plunged into an unrecognizable

Stability in an Unstable World: eating disorders during corona crisis

This slackliner achieves stability from a developed inner sense of fluid subtle movement to maintain sustainable balance. We need that ability now.. Pix

The eating disorder system that gave you a sense of control and protection is drastically altered during this Corona Era.

When you have an eating disorder you have developed ways to rely on it when your feelings are too uncomfortable to bear and when disruptions in your life feel overwhelming. That’s what an eating disorder is for. It may cause havoc in your life and prevent you from developing and moving on to a more mature and satisfying existence, but it’s there for you when you want comfort and escape from what feels like too much to experience.

In this time of Corona reliable and familiar external life is falling apart. New protocols for daily life suddenly are established. Our future is unknown. No one can find the necessary balance and stability through an eating disorder.

Letter to Psychotherapy Clients re Coronavirus Adjustments

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As of early March my private psychotherapy practice, case consultations, dream analysis and now also corona adjustment issues are all virtual appointments. I use Skype, and Facetime, depending on what works best at the time.

Note: Since I offer my services online now, anyone in the state of California can have psychotherapy appointment.
For limited dream analysis sessions or corona adjustment support - not psychotherapy, there is no geographic limitation.

I still offer a free telephone consultation for someone considering entering my practice or working with me in another capacity.  My phone number is: 310-474-4165. But the best way to contact me is e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Global fear of coronavirus and economic instability can cause eating disorder relapse. Get yourself the help you need.

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High drama in the world requires us to respond in the most stable and healthy way possible. Not easy, but possible.

Caronavirus news and the falling global financial markets can reignite old eating disorder feelings and behaviors. If you have been living without your eating disorder and now are shocked that it has kicked in during this time of fear and crisis you are not alone. Please remember, when crisis is upon us we need to center and think clearly. We need to take positive action to care for ourselves, externally and internally.

You will be limited if your eating disorder takes charge of your decision making. Yes, it can tap down your anxiety. But it also taps down your clarity of thought and your creativity. It stifles your perceptions of opportunity and your realistic approach to real problems both in the world and your immediate living situation. (See end of article for help resources.) 

Why is your eating disorder back?

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