Professional Confidentiality and Blogging

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Blogging is public and psychotherapy is private. Sharing my knowledge with you is a challenge. 

My professional learning is grounded in theory based on books, lectures, seminars and certificate programs. But my deep knowing and empath comes from my intimate meetings with courageous and determined people who have given me their trust.  The work takes place in what I consider sacred space.

Anorexia: a reality check on fertility and osteoporosis

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Severe anorexia can seriously limit a woman’s ability to conceive. It also erodes bones.

A  female of any age suffering from anorexia is terrified of having fat on her body. Despite pain, hunger, dizziness and weakness she starves herself daily.  If this is you please know the biology of your body is part of nature. You were born human and you have no choice about your species or what your body needs to survive. 

Starving your body removes fat.  That's been your goal. 

But, starving your body also stops menstruation.  Your body needs fat to function properly.  When the fat content of your body goes below what your body requires, hormone production slows or stops.  Your body will not produce a level of hormone distribution required to stimulate ovulation and allow pregnancy.  For some women, weight gain and achieving a healthy weight will restore menstruation and the ability to have children.

Five Stages to Healing and Recovery

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It takes many steps and blunders before we reach the first step to deep healing and real recovery.

We can be in pain because we’ve lost a person or an object dear to us. We can be frightened or humiliated because our longed-for plans and expectations have crashed around us. We cry, blame others and blame ourselves. We rail at the injustice around us.

But mostly we are bewildered and thrashing blindly. Hopefully we are not reaching for food, drugs, alcohol, dangerous relationships, and risk taking to escape our bewilderment.

Eventually, our bewilderment is so thorough that we feel forced to ask for help. Even then we ask for help to get our world in order, to stop pain and to regain or recreate what we have lost.

Cure for Boredom and Being Stuck

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Through the course of my forty years as a psychotherapist I hear this question from my adult eating disorder patients. Whether they are in their thirties, forties, fifties or sixties, they ask, “Aren’t I too old to resolve this eating disorder? Isn’t it too late for me to change my life?

I’m increasingly grateful for my age. My words of encouragement will not give them a believable response. But my existence as an older woman living a satisfying life does reach them. My presence gives them hope, even in their denial of hope.

But what are the details that bring about healthy change? It’s not diet and exercise. It’s not medication. It’s not a physical makeover or an affair.

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