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Slippery Slope Dangers: How to Stay in Eating Disorder Recovery

slippery slope
Do you recognize the two main influences that propel you to the slippery slope and undermine your eating disorder recovery?

1.   Anyone who supports your symptoms rather than your recovery. Be wary and alert when someone encourages you to starve or invites you to join them in a binge.

2.   Eating disorders distort your thinking and your perceptions. Under the influence of that distortion you can rationalize and justify eating disorder behaviors. That justification puts you well on the slippery slope to relapse.

Touch: Physical Contact Can Speed Your Eating Disorder Recovery


Touch has healing power

Power of touch" "We need four hugs a day for survival.  We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.  We need twelve hugs a day for growth."  Virginia Satir

Are you eating or exercising too much out of touch deprivation? Do you sink into a recliner or couch with comforting food to console your body? 

Think about it.  Loneliness and a sense of isolation exists when you suffer from an eating disorder.  Bingeing on food or obsessing on being as small as possible by not eating are ways of addressing a deprivation.  One of your deprivations could be skin on skin experiences.      *photo

How Bedtime Snacks Affect Your Weight and Health

bedtime snacks contribute to weight gain
If I had understood growth hormones earlier in my life
I would have stopped bedtime snacks decades ago. Relaxing before bed with food, has more effect on your weight than you may realize. * pix

Bedtime Snacks Affect Children and Adults Differently

How the human body processes food changes as wel become adults. A simple milk and crackers before bed for a child can be lovely. The same snack for an adult can cause unexpected weight issues.

Children produce a growth hormone throughout a 24 hour period because, well, they are growing! 
But adults only produce the growth hormone when they are asleep.  

Growth hormone supports your bone and muscle health. A bedtime snack stops the production of that hormone and that creates a loss of muscle

Debasement, Trudging, Self-Worth: includes reader responses.

Debasement puts you in an eating disorder trap

Debasement and Self-Criticism: the trap

If you have an eating disorder, you often feel insecure and question your value as a person. You are certain that the criticism you give yourself is an echo of the criticism you believe is aimed at you from others. No amount of reassurance will alter your position. Reassurance, you believe, comes from people who mean well, are trying to soothe you, don't understand the reality of your worthlessness or are trying to exploit you by making you believe you are better than you know you are.

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