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Dreams: your doorway to emotional healing and a meaningful life

Dreams: your doorway to eating emotional healing and a meaningful life“Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.” Carl Jung

Trusting Dreams as Personal Living Truth Tellers 

If you have are anxious, depressed, stressed or  trapped in a bad relationship you may not know who to listen to, who to trust, what to believe, what even to hope for. Yet you carry within you the source of your most effective guidance that comes from your authentic truth – your dreams.

You can pay attention to your dreams, despite the disguises dreams use through the symbols your unconscious presents. The disguise is there to help you get closer to what is meaningful to you without your needing to push that meaning away too fast.

Weight Gain and Artificial Sweeteners: A Powerful Connection

Weight Gain, Artificial Sweeteners
Weight Gain and Artificial Sweeteners

Weight gain and artificial sweeteners are partners. The promises surrounding artificial sweeteners play into the false sense of reality that accompanies eating disorder thinking. You believe you can eat something sweet, not take in sugar, not take in calories, satisfy your cravings and not gain weight.  But that belief is not the reality.

If you have an eating disorder you put thought and energy into how to outwit your body. Your goal is to binge eat or restrict and simultaneously have the body shape and weight you want while feeling good. To do this you avoid or deny solid information about what your body needs to thrive.

Memory and PTSD: how relationships can be disrupted

Memory Chaos

Memory unrecognized can draw us through a psychic tunnel leading to chaos

Memory is tricky. We tend to think of memory as pictures in our mind with or without accompanying feelings.

But we can remember with feelings and no pictures. We can remember with pictures and no feelings.

In the case of PTSD a goal is to remember without experiencing the feelings again, not as if the memory is something we are experiencing fully in the now.

But also, in passionate and sometimes destructive arguments we can relive feelings without knowing they come from a memory beyond our consciousness. This can damage our relationships and our lives.

Binge Eating Healthy Food: Do I have an eating disorder?

binge eating healthy food 1   *   "Do I have an eating disorder if I only binge on healthy foods?" 

Desperate Hope

This question speaks of a desperate hope to find a way to be safe and healthy.  You want to give yourself good nourishment. You want to take care of yourself. You want to live. Yet you know that a binge, even quality food, harms your body and your life.

Compulsion to Binge Eat

At the same time you can't stop bingeing. Since you are helpless to stop you try to make your binge and yourself as safe from negative consequences as possible.

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