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Gut Understanding

In developing the layers of my eating disorder recovery book I rediscovered the term "gut understanding."


My own gut feeling that led to my gut understanding in response to the term was, "oh, my gosh.  What a telling expression!"


What came to my mind immediately was this:

High Speed and Lonely Soul

Watching a car chase on the news or in a film can thrill you.  You heart pounds.  Your breath comes short.

You are mesmerized and fascinated.  But your inner spirit is untouched.


When you live with an eating disorder you remove yourself from your authentic emotional experience as you live your life. You can trick yourself very nicely with high speed experiences.

Twitter and Eating Disorder Recovery Tweets – Why I Twitter

Recently I was asked about twittering and the value of personal and professional tweets.  I do a mix.

In the back of my mind I'm always thinking about my patient population, whether the people are my actual patients or among the many people I know and will never know who are affected by an eating disorder. I offer what I hope is helpful specific information about eating disorder recovery.

I also try to share my own experiences that are lived examples of the 140 character "tips" I suggest. So, in one way, those tweets are personal - like laughing and running in a park with a child and a dog. But they are also clinically relevant to people who can't

How often do you see your eating disorder recovery clients? Cost is an issue.

This question often comes up during a first consultation.  I thought I'd answer it here so you can see the reasoning behind my response.

In my Los Angeles private practice, seeing a client once a week is minimum.  Twice a week is usual. Three and four times a week is not unusual.  And there are times in early work when seeing someone every day or more is necessary for a while.

The therapy work is unpredictable because each person is unique.  However, for the work to have a chance at being successful, time, place and finances have to be secure.

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