Dreams: your doorway to eating disorder healing and a meaningful life

eye 2644086 640“Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.” Carl Jung

If you have an eating disorder you may not know who to listen to, who to trust, what to believe, what even to hope for. Yet you carry within you the source of your most effective guidance that comes from your authentic truth – your dreams.

Paying attention to your dreams, despite the disguises dreams use through the symbols your unconscious presents, is to pay attention to what is meaningful to you.  Following what is truly meaningful to you is the path to your recovery and to a much more fulfilled and satisfying life.

Decades ago a dream pushed me into the world of recovery and healing.

Weight Loss Surgery and Eating Disorders

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Mirror Mirror is running an excellent factual article describing weight loss surgery: Weight Loss Surgery and Eating Disorders.

In my experience as an eating disorder recovery psychotherapist I've seen tragic outcomes from weight loss surgery. Yes, I grant that it's possible, for a person without an eating disorder, to reap medical benefits from the surgery. Weight loss does occur and can be helpful in health management.

Eating Disorder Recovery Wisdom from Green Peace

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Hope strategy based on pragmatic wisdom (Please read the article for wonderful details on the 15 principles.)

If you are working or struggling in recovery, please read this.

Change the story so that the opposing forces are your internal forces insisting that you maintain your unwanted behaviors and insisting that you are worthless. Then, look at the other forces, your internal forces that want health and recovery.

Especially look at your internal forces that are not engaged, are weak or dismissive or in denial. Then the strategies and support in this article can help you realign your internal world and move you toward the healthy revolution you need for a much better and healthier life.

Poppink Eating Disorder Recovery Daily News

Common butterfly Mime Papilio clytia Form clytia by kadavoorPoppink Eating Disorder Recovery Daily
News, research, personal stories and professional views

10 titles in today's issue written by highly reputable people in the field.

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  2. What is DBT?
  3. Islam and Eating Disorders
  4. Muscle Dysmorphia ...........Signs, Risks, Diagnosis, Treatment
  5. Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders
  6. 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Food And Exercise
  7. ‘Make it stop’: a man’s struggle with anorexia
  8. 40 Things People With Eating Disorders Wish Others Understood
  9. 9 Signs That You're a Narcissist
  10. 10 Myths People With Eating Disorders Want to See Busted

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