Eating Disorder Recovery: Using the language of myth and dream in psychotherapy

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Code: Man or woman, prince or princess, boy or girl is transformed into a frog. Clue: Crown on head signifies magical metamorphosis.  Action Required: Find a human to accomplish three impossible tasks to free the frog encased prisoner. Question: Are you the prisoner or the human who can free the prisoner? Or are you both?

Fairy tales are old. Most were not written by

Why does deep psychotherapy take time?

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Within our psyche we carry the known and unknown about ourselves. This is a tricky statement. What we think we know about ourselves may be influenced by what we don’t know about ourselves. When the unknown reveals itself we may have a different experience of being who we are.

When Bobby Darin learned that his sister was really his mother and his mother was really his grandmother, it was an emotional catastrophe for the singer/actor.  Our identity as we understand ourselves may be different than what we believed once we know what has been hidden about who we are.

Action for Your Authentic Life in Six Steps (Step Three may be the most difficult) Steps One and Two

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For positive change in your life, you need to rally new energizing inspiration from within and act.

Is that possible? How do you do that? If you are miserable or just plain bored or guilty about procrastinating what can you do to rouse yourself into a spirited and satisfying way of living?

Action for Your Authentic Life in Six Steps (Step Three may be the most difficult) Step Three

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Bear the conflict.  Eventually, if you follow step 1 and step 2 you will feel uncomfortable. You will feel afraid or mad or so angry and depressed you want to blame something or someone or many people or conditions for your emotional pain.

You can get through this stage without understanding, relying on a devil may care act of desperation. But that often does not work. If you try to break the conflict in yourself through dangerous activities you are not trying to die, although you may. You are trying to stop the pain by taking extreme distracting action. 

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