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Binge Eating Recovery Work: pain and joy

Binge Eating Recovery: pain and joy                                       
                 Suffering and Joy to reach her goal

Binge Eating Recovery Work

Often clients in my eating disorder recovery practice don’t recognize their accomplishments. As they gain more awareness about their binge eating experience pain or anxiety.  They don’t understand that experiencing their pain and anxiety is part of releasing the eating disorder and gaining emotional strength. They don't know, yet, that they are crossing a threshold into stronger and healthier ways of being in the world. Growing your way out of eating disorder entrenchment, even a little, can feel frightening.

Joy in Binge Eating Recovery Work

Climbing out of the prison of an eating disorder and blinking from the light of the new world becomes an incredible joy.

Eating Disorder Slip over the Holidays: find meaning and recovery

Eating Disorder Slips over the Holidays
A letter came in today that may speak to many people this holiday season. The writer, I'll call her Kendra, had an eating disorder slip last night.

Eating Disorder Slip

Kendra spent successful time in a residential eating disorder treatment center. She continued her recovery work on an outpatient basis at home with a private psychotherapist and a support group. This sounds good to me. Then she had an eating disorder slip.

Danger Signals

She stopped seeing her therapist and stopped going to the weekly support groups because they became triggering for her. These are red flags for me.

Binge Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery: How long does it take?

Binge Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery: How long does it take?No preset path and many choices. Recovery is a journey.

Binge Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery Time

 How long will binge eating and eating disorder recovery take? This is a reasonable question. The answer depends on how much dedication you and your therapist give to your recovery journey.  Not only can I not provide a specific time, but also I can't guarantee that someone will indeed recover.  The answer so many people want is, "Fast, inexpensive, no suffering." Or, "A short stay in an eating disorder residential program.

The question is complex with a different answer for every individual. If you are still reading after this undesirable news, please let me talk a little about what it takes to recover from binge eating and eating disorders.

Recovery Tip for Binge Eating and Restricting: You can start using it now!

Binge Eating and Restricting: Recovery Tip
Tip for Freedom from Disrupted Eating

Regardless of whether you binge eat, overeat or did in the past, when you have someone in your life who supports your well-being you have a gift in your life. You know the benefits of knowing that she or he listens to you when you are hurting.  Knowing that she or he cares about you and helps you get back on track restores your faith and confidence in yourself. 

The recovery tip is: reciprocate. When you trust this person and come to rely on him or her to have your back, you both will benefit more if you find meaningful ways to reciprocate.

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