What’s Soul Got to Do with Psychotherapy and Eating Disorder Recovery?

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Living with an eating disorder or the remnants of an old eating disorder is living a lonely life. You can’t be your true self with anyone in order to create a deep and rich relationship. You don’t even know who you. You feel inadequate. You often feel you are an imposter. You are certain you must please others or take care of them in order to be okay yourself.

What is in you that supports your true self and allows you to be free? Even asking this question can be a revolution in your thinking.

Women, I believe in you! Your Eating Disorder Recovery is Possible.

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(I believe, regardless of your age, size, shape, color, mental or physical health or political situation, the glorious free and visionary you is always alive within you.)

I believe women have a heart and soul, a deep pool of wisdom and everlasting potentials for growth, healing, wisdom and courage.

12 Steps to Learn from Your Nightmares: Boost Your Eating Disorder Recovery

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Don't miss a terrific opportunity to improve your life. Your nightmare is a gift and forceful guide to what is right and next for you. (You may find this image interesting, lovable or fascinating. But it could also be a terrifying and threatening image in a nightmare. Don't run. Use it. Let it teach you.)

Diving Deep to Your Wisdom after Thanksgiving

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The Days after Thanksgiving – Time for Your Real Thankfulness

In my years of being a psychotherapist I’ve been honored to work with many people who reveal and discover their true feeling during holidays. As we share and explore together we find the core gratitude within that enhances daily life and enriches their holiday experience. Perhaps some of what we’ve found will deepen and enrich your experience too.

The Thanksgiving holiday is over.  You may reflect on:

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