Bewildering grief or anger for no reason? The unrecognized sixth element.

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This is me, writing to you from my home office on Sunday afternoon.  Stay well.  Keep safe.

You and the people in your life are experiencing the anxiety, trauma, loss, fear and insecurities of this pandemic, politically volatile time. You access your power to cope in five ways. But one stressor may be missing from your awareness so how to cope is also missing. Here are the five you know about. The sixth comes later in this essay.

How Are You Holding Up? Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders emerging show us what we need now

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       We need our internal structure to hold, especially when we can't see ahead.


We define ourselves by our personal values. We know who we are and live by our personal code. At least, that is what we convince ourselves.

But some of our values are what we wished we supported. Some of them are based on what we are told to support by respected others. And some of our values may be based on our fear of disapproval.

Why Start Psychotherapy?

face soul 3785539 340Shadows of the mind. Light and darkness. Active and passive. More in our depths that we can develop and use than we know.

People usually come to psychotherapy for the first time because they are in pain, bewildered and because everything they knew about problem solving no longer works for them. Going inside their psyches seems like the last option. Even then, they do not know what to expect. At first, they want to know how long it will take to fix their lives.

This is a normal response when a person is plunged into an unrecognizable

Stability in an Unstable World: eating disorders during corona crisis

This slackliner achieves stability from a developed inner sense of fluid subtle movement to maintain sustainable balance. We need that ability now.. Pix

The eating disorder system that gave you a sense of control and protection is drastically altered during this Corona Era.

When you have an eating disorder you have developed ways to rely on it when your feelings are too uncomfortable to bear and when disruptions in your life feel overwhelming. That’s what an eating disorder is for. It may cause havoc in your

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