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Panic Attack Can be Part of Your Eating Disorder Experience

Panic Attack Can be Part of Your Eating Disorder ExperienceAn OMG panic attack experience gives you more information about what's happening to you than the numbness an eating disorder provides.

 "The Panic Attack Symptoms Nobody Talks About" by Rachel Gearinger is a short, well written and candid article that may have powerful significance if you have or had an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can create a psychological numbness that dulls your senses and, for a short time, relieves an attack. But you don't feel relief. You feel nothing.That dullness or numbness could be a 
form of depersonalization and/or derealization, a little discussed aspect of panic.

Frightened Child Image Healing Work: plus recovery conversation

Frightened Child Image Healing Work: eating disorder recovery comments from readers*

Frightened child image in recurring nightmares can hold recovery gifts

A frightened child image is particularly disturbing to a woman with an eating disorder. Yet the psyche is communicating to us with these images.  Unfortunately, our tendency is to be glad we woke up and then want to get as far away from that nightmare as possible.

Here’s an example of a nightmare with a recurring frightened child image.

If only I could rid my mind of the image of me as a little girl. It’s constant in my dreams, my nightmares. I am alone. I am scared, and I am silent.  I sometimes feel like I’m drowning when I see this image. It is so profound to me. I think if that image would go away I would be fine. But it keeps coming back. It’s so powerful.

Eating Disorder Relapse or Recovery Opportunity?

Eating Disorder Relapse or Recovery Opportunity?Light and clarity are near. Hold on. Storms pass.

During this pandemic women write they fear they are having an eating disorder relapse. They report that they are binge eating. They report that they are worthless and doomed to failure.  They do not recognize recovery in action.  

If you are feeling eating disorder storms and believe you are in the midst of an eating disorder relapse, you can learn to respond with recovery thinking.

Keeping a Dream Journal Can Speed Eating Disorder Recovery

Keep a Dream Journal to Speed Eating Disorder Recovery
Dream Journal Value 

Keeping a written record of your dreams is often part of eating disorder recovery work.  Clients do it dutifully, resentfully, awkwardly, enthusiastically. They forget to do it.  They can't do it because they can't remember their dreams. They are embarrassed to do it because the dreams are embarrassing.  Or they refuse to do it because the dreams are frightening.  Yet any of these experiences add value to the recovery process.

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