Eating Disorder Recovery, Health and Personal Growth. How Dreams Can Help

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This is the story of how one person, with Jesus imagery in her dream, built a bridge to her daughter during a time of conflict.

Q: Why are inner explorations and investigations of dream images called work?

A:  Because we are construction workers. We build bridges.  We gather raw  materials from our psyches, discover their relevance and shape them to form bridges between our unconscious and conscious. We create a means of transporting what is deep within us to our day to day perceptions.  We learn to tolerate emotional disruption as we adjust to greater meaning and understanding in our lives and the world.

Meaning of Your Dreams: Eating disorders keep you on the surface. Dreams go deep. How to understand and benefit from your dream images

treasure chest victorian 2745 640* Eating disorder recovery requires deep work. Suppose this treasure was your dream image. How would you understand it? Would you go surface or deep?

If you attend to your image and wonder about it you have an opportunity to go more deeply into the meaning this image holds for you. This is more than an intellectual exercise. Feelings lost or unknown, forgotten memories and physical sensations echoing your past come into consciousness. What your eating disorder represses has an opportunity to ascend to awareness. That's when you have a genuine healing opportunity.

Stumbling Block Alert: Part 6 on Your Path to Joy

joy stumbling block business 19148 640*Someone may call you to old behaviors. You may call (or want to) so you can return to old ways. Or you'll feel both internally.

On your path to joy be prepared for pushback. You are making time for reading, exploring, taking classes, attending seminars and concerts, writing and communicating with new people. You have disrupted the pattern of what was your ordinary day.

Others in your life may want to interrupt your set times for reading or walking or writing or visiting places in the community. You will need to defend your boundaries.

You may be the one who wants to postpone or cut short your explorations and new activities to revert to your old patterns. Moving on your new choices is sometimes fun and sometimes frightening. Your feelings of isolation, dullness, bewilderment

Your Action Steps: Part 5 on Your Path to Joy

joy explore action steps portugal 3029665 640*You may not recognize your path to joy yet. Now is your time to become a spiritual explorer in the pragmatic world.

The appearance and details of the path to joy are different for each of us, yet the pattern and method are similar.
To explore start with these steps.
  1. look for clues that are nearby. Your heart and soul may be barricaded by a stiff dry chrysalis, but clues leave a trace. And the chrysalis is breaking down.
  2. Do you have secret longings? Write them down.
  3. What have you procrastinated for months or years or your entire life? Write them down.
  4. What little items have you found or purchased that mean a lot to you, even if you don’t know why? Look at them. Muse about them. Let your imagination

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