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Guarantee for recovery in psychotherapy? Find out here.

 Guarantee in psychotherapy

Guarantee? My informed consent form that clients sign before working with me states that no guarantee comes with psychotherapy. Yet psychotherapists and clients strive together for healing and recovery. Five phases for the work create the strongest possibility for success.

Despite the lack of a guarantee, clients have hope and willingness to work as do psychotherapists. The client puts energy and commitment into her work because she wants health, freedom and happiness. The psychotherapist puts energy into the work because she’s seen healing and recovery in others and has a growing framework of what makes recovery possible.

When the psychotherapist sees the commitment of the client energy the psychotherapist’s commitment and energy for the client’s wellbeing grows and vice versa. Therapy is a partnership on the healing journey.

Self-Worth: 15 questions to discover and build your true value

Build your self-worth and soar*pix Rise and soar in freedom

Self-worth and your eating disorder recovery

Self-worth can get bogged down by your binge eating, starving, purging and other eating disorder behaviors. Unhappiness about your weight and shape not being near your standards of acceptability adds to your low self-esteem. You may be confusing your authentic identity with your compulsive behaviors and self-criticism. The result is you don't believe you have much self-worth.

Instead of sinking into depression because your self-worth and self-esteem are low, explore these 15 questions. Find out if what you are telling yourself is true.

Night time binge can fade by eating breakfast

Eating breakfast can subdue night time binge eating*pix Night time binge is not an issue for this swan eating a lovely breakfast.

The night time binge pattern goes like this: 

You got caught in a nightly binge again last night. Yesterday you ate too much.  Last night you binged. Maybe you threw up. You went to bed exhausted.  You criticized yourself for failing to end your eating disorder. You vowed that the tomorrow you would start fresh and not binge. You can escape this pattern.

Recovery exercise: Use any time to prevent or stop a binge

recovery exercise

Use this recovery exercise to stop a binge.  Powerful emotions, some you don't recognize, trigger cravings and push you into eating disorder behaviors. If you can postpone action, even for a moment, and move into an alternative frame of mind, you may be able to waylay those feelings and prevent an eating disorder episode.

This exercise, like any exercise, takes practice before you experience long term benefits. But you will receive short term benefits quickly.

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