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Eating Disorder Recovery
Joanna Poppink, MFT
Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
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pink_flower_kindness_ss_101157136Be kind to yourself when you feel the urge to overeat. Your desire to overeat often means you feel threatened and are seeking safety, soothing and peace.

The energy in you that propels you toward your eating disorder behaviors is the life energy in you that could blossom into a more authentic and natural you.

You may sense fear or anxiety, but you may not.  Your pull toward food may be strong enough to block out your feelings of apprehension or even terror. Use your urge to overeat as a signal that you need caring and tender attention.

Criticizing and punishing someone for being frightened accomplishes nothing positive. It only makes the frightened person more afraid. On this journey to freedom, the frightened person is you. Be kind. Be compassionate. Seek to understand and befriend.

Remember, every urge to overeat is a moment of opportunity to discover and satisfy your true hidden hunger.

When you want to overeat and don't, you will feel something you don't want to feel. These feelings are your clues to inner mysteries which compel you to overeat.

Knowing and resolving your secrets can free you to explore what you really do want. Maybe you can have it, maybe not. When you know what you really want, if it is realistic you can strive for it. If it is unrealistic you can let it go, mourn and be free.

Either way, the overeating solution is gone. Self kindness is an essential aspect of eating disorder recovery.  How can you be more kind to yourself when you feel the urge to overeat?

The next phase of Triumphant Journey will show you how to discover secrets you have from yourself and how to move beyond their power into a life of more health and freedom.


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