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Your welcome, Jan :) except for me (in this instance), I don't think most humans would be coping well with all I was trying to do. One of my problems is that I take on too much because, one, I can't say no, and two, I compare myself to others who "do alot", yet I fail to recognize that some of the same people I idealize, have husbands who assist with the kids, and are able to work from home, or work part-time. I have unrealistic expectations of myself...trying to figure out where this comes from... Sooo, now when I am taking care of myself in this regard, I stop and tell myself that it doesn't matter if someone is mad at me, or disappointed in me (which is probably not even the case)..I know that right now I have to lessen my stress because it greatly impacts my depression (of course) and it worsens my ED. I am hoping this carries over to taking care of myself in other aspects (like my ED). I think the difference between the two is that my ED is a form of control and my over-committment and stress that ensues makes me feel out of control...I don't like feeling out of control..

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