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Gosh, reading your responses stirs up a lot for me....I let things build to a point where I feel paralysed by having too much to do, too many demands on me, too much to think about. And if anyone passes comment that I don't seem my usual cheery self, I tend to say "it's okay, I'm okay" or "I'm okay, I'm fine really" when really I'm not. I feel like it's very burdensome to others to let them know that you're not feeling great, I feel like it's important to be "strong" so that I can support others and not have anyone expending time and energy on worrying about me, or not to have to feel the hurt that nobody cares anyway....so I'm always fine....I will tend to find a bright side to things somewhere and cling on to that. Quite often, I want to just withdraw and use my ED to get by. I'm relying on my ED quite heavily to get by at the moment...so prob not best placed to have anything constructive to say

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