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When I feel low, which still happens quite often, I resort to the following: going for a walk, eating a healthy and "safe" meal - fruit, veggies and protein - and, I must confess, smoking a cigarette or two. The latter isn't a good thing, I know, but I'm trying to finish my master's and to avoid relapsing in bulimia, and I'm struggling, so I really don't feel like quitting the smoking habit right now. I've tried to keep a journal, as you suggested, but haven't had much success. Not sure why, but I panic when I try. The only thing I managed to accomplish is to finish my exams at uni. I have to write my final dissertation now - deadline is October - and that will be hard... I've also started looking for an post graduation internship, I'm afraid that will prove to be an impossible mission :( Thank you so much Joanna for being here for us.

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