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I think it would be a good topic for a blog. Thank you Shh for the support and Thank you Joanna for letting me know that this is normal stage of recovery. It’s exactly how I’m feeling!! Until the recent issues at work came up I think I was able to stay positive, but the last few days I’ve let my inability to handle all the stresses go into my “misery mind” which tells me I will never have what it takes to handle life…..if this is what life is really like. My biggest stress right now is that a friend of mine is dyeing of cancer and everyday I expect to hear she’s gone, and every night I cry because I know she’s in pain and I know it’s going to be sad when she’s gone. My wise mind keeps reminding myself that this is a normal feeling and the waiting would wear on anyone, but our mutual friend seems to be handling it well. But he’s doing what you suggest…..he’s becoming active in the fight for cure by organizing a team for the Race for the Cure in her honor. Maybe I should get moving on fundraising for our team and that might help me get out of my “misery mind.” I want to believe that life is good (I even collect “life is Good” shirts-I’m up to 16!!) and my Wise Mind knows it is. Knowing that my current struggle is just part of recovery gives me light at the end of the tunnel. Again, thanks!!

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