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Hi, Mary Louise, The options you use to care for yourself are wonderful. All of us need to keep adding to our choices as we move through love even though many, like yours, are basic standbys forever. Going for your masters means that you are striding with power. And that means you need to replenish your energy to maintain your power. You are finding great ways to do that. It also means you need to limit or stop any power leaks that drain you from striding forward in your life. Certainly everything about an eating disorder is draining - time, money, energy, concentration, dull mind, etc. You know. But....it's familiar and feels like home. Panic at writing in a journal means that you are about to tamper with something that is in place. There are lots of ways to journal, Mary Louise. If you do will probably begin to stop some power leakage and that will help you move on in your masters program. Don't make journalling a big deal. Just write a few sentences now an then about how you feel or what you want or where you're mad or scared or pleased. You can write them on scraps of paper or in margins of something you're working on. Just give yourself an outlet to pull out what's eroding your energy and bringing up cravings. Easy does it as you write things down will do more than you can imagine. And there's the standby of Dear God letters. Like, Dear God,Thank you for this wonderful internship program. I've been here now for three months, learning, growing and making wonderful relationships. Thank you for making this possible for me. with love and respect, Mary Louise Stewart. Think of what you want, even if it seems impossible. Imagine having it in the best possible way. Then write your thank you from that place. Even if you don't believe it, do it anyway. And as often as you can. Let me know how you are and how it's all going, Mary Louise. Thank you for writing. I'm cheering for you. We all are. Joanna

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