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ok, well, I guess one thing i have always wanted to do is go on a storm chasing tour.
thank you for your reply,joanna. It helps to know you understnad what I am going through.  I have said this before, I honestly feel that I need to get some time away from all my distractions to get started on this journey. I feel so lost right now. I cant slow my mind down long enough to sit and read or work on journal exercises.  I cant focus and I dont have the energy to deal with everything in my life and deal with my eating disorder. The holiday wore me out bigtime.  I dont think I have been in a lower ED place in a very long time. thanks for being here for me. I see my therapist next week.  I slept through my 730 am appt this week :( so I didn't get to talk with her. and yes, you are right. I do need more sleep.

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