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Dear Jackie,

What we eat, how much we eat, when we eat, when we do not eat are vital issues in taking care of our bodies and our mental health.  

But... this site attracts people with a current or past eating disorder.  Eating disorder thinking will derail a conversation about the details of the above.  Eating disorder thinking wil misinterpret, reformulate, rationalize, tantrum, or shake with fear around the specifics of these important nutritional aspects of self care.

So I don't encourage specific food or calorie talk.

At the same time, I support your search for a way to eat that supports your health and stops any damage caused by not eating in a way that is right for your human body.

Getting an education about what really happens in the body when you eat different kinds of foods at different times of the day is extremely helpful in your in the moment decision making about what you will eat and when.

I want to keep fad diets out of here.  I don't want to support weight recycling. And I certainly don't want to get into the passions around specific foods.

So, in answer to your question about what the rules are, the rules are a dance where we find our way, share what we can that does not trigger and does not invite a conversational journey down an eating disorder mind's chosen path.

I know this isn't clear. But it's as clear as I can get right now.  Hope this helps.  Thank you for asking!!!!!

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