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I looked at ordering these books or signing up for the online course based upon your recommendation Joanna, but what I'm struggling with is why I should believe what Kathy Abascal says any more than I should believe say Michael Mosley (of 'Eat, Fast & Live Longer', which gave rise to the 5:2 way of eating), or Walter Voegtlin (the gastroenterologist who pioneered the Paleothic way of eating in the 1970s) - they all have a scientific basis and can detail how and why their ways of eating are beneficial to the body... so why this one?

I haven't read Kathy Abascal's books (yet?), but I have read some background and overview materials, and wonder if you could offer any thoughts on what it is about this work and way of eating that makes it in your view, more credible than other lifestyles?

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