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Dear Shh,

Briefly, I find her writing clear, research sound, organization to ease understanding of complex processes good.  I like her common sense and brilliant way of simplifying something very complex so people can care better for themselves without having to memorize all the science.

But that said, I find reading the material helps reinforce staying on the the protocol - proportional eating with a mindful attitude about how the body functions.

Personally, I follow it.  Have been for about six months. I'm noticing remarkable benefits.  They are subtle when they begin, but they gain momentum. I'm stronger, more alert, look better, feel better
and have more energy than I've had in years.  Plus, I'm sleeping more hours every night - good nourishing sleep and waking refreshed.

When I go off the protocol to test something I'm hit with an almost immediate sensitivity/inflammation reaction.  No mistke about it.

I haven't taken her classes. That's how she makes her living and I can see the benefits for her and for people who want a support community to iron out details.  

She recommends that you talk to your doctor about some of the changes, especially if you have diabetes.

I'm on my second read of her book and getting more out of it. Plus, I'm devoting these four days - yesterday (Friday) through Monday to clearing my desk and files, putting 2013 in order, setting up files for 2014 and doing my homework for my Sustainability class.  It's lovely to be perking along, doing one task after another while I maintain a clear head, a cheerful dispostion and good energy.

I even had an e-mail major glitch and weathered the challenge with my tech expert with no rumpled emotions.  In other words, I'm much more healthy and balanced as I follow the Abascal Way.

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