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Thanks Joanna. I'm certain my diet is causing many problems for me. I'd  like to get off of sugar if I could. I'd be interested in reading that book because decreasing inflammation is necessary with my chronic kidney disease.

I'm not actually bingeing even though some part of my mind thinks I should be and tells me repeatedly.

I'm currently reading "When the Body Says No" by Gabor Mate, MD. I picked it up again and started reading it. It means more to me now after reading your book. I'd share some of the things that stood out regarding stress and boundaries today, but I can't recall if there is a rule about that when posting. I'll blame that on the anesthesia :). Let me know if it is okay to share thoughts on quotes from the book.

I've spent some time this past week thinking about who I am. Who I was. Who I have the potential to be. I am on some sort of threshold. I know I am going to change. I find it scary. But I want the change more than I want to stay stuck. Even if my old voice is often the narrator.

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