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PTC, well, the weight isn't the real issue anyway, right? So in my opinion she shouldn't be focusing all her energy into trying to convince you to change how you eat or view your body. Instead, like my therapist, I think a better approach (atleast for me) is to talk about issues that cause me to feel that I need to use food as a control over a very chaotic past. That is kind of a back door to getting me to realize how things come together. Sometimes I don't see the connection until later in the day after a session. I think you do want to change...I think we all here want to change or we wouldn't be reaching out for support. But wanting to change and being ready to change are two different things. When I get to feeling ingrained in my eating disordered thinking, I begin thinking about what is going on in my life at that moment..then I backtrack to where THAT feeling came from...everything has a beginning. Every event in our lives impacts us in either a negative or postive way. Some things are so negative that they are traumatic. Those are the things that I think my therapist wants to work on so that we can move into the WHYS of my eating disorder. Then as we work thru the whys we can focus on ways to move past them and focus on the present and use other methods to continue to help me recover. Many of these are the things Joanna has in her book. It has been a great "co-tool" for me. I think we all have ups and downs..I hope you can find a way to find some ups. :)

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