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Points well taken, Shh. Buying and eating on the high end of cost or quantity or both may result in obesity but not be indicative of an eating disorder...or an eating disorder as we define it in the DSM. But it is a kind of consumption disorder that is reflected in the western world and may be spreading to the entire world. More and more, bigger and better may give a person (or a nation) a sense of power. And as the people and the nations "swell up" the cost to health, the environment and our ability to recognize what is truly valuable to a quality life diminishes. For some deprived people living in impoverished conditions, more is indeed better. But for the adequately supplied people, less may indeed be more. For me, I think the answer, if anyone is asking the question, is about being mindful. When we put ego and status seeking aside we have a chance to be in the present moment. Then we can take the amounts and quality level of what is right for us now. Over consumption for power and status is an eating disorder related issue that quickly rises to national and international levels in terms of human behavior and development. Thank you for your comment. You always add value, Shh.

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