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I agree there JP, I think a lot of what we consume is done to gain the respect and approval of others or to make ourselves feel on par with others, without much thought for what true value we place on it ourselves. But if we agree that affiliation is a basic need (as in Maslow's hierachy of needs), then it could be quite a difficult concept for people to actively buck this trend if they feel that it will have a detrimental effect on the way they are perceived and treated by their peers. Obviously this is an over simplification, and I do agree that it would be a wonderful thing for us all to be more mindful and challenging of our consumption, I just wonder how easy it is though for those with eating disorders to behave in a way that we know will set us aside from others rather than be conducive to the "fitting in" that we desperately desire? I think it is very much a concept that is important to recovery - the ability to trust our own internal values, to trust ourselves, and to go with that and not feel the need for external approval. Much food for thought JP! x

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