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Interesting article JP, and I do know someone who posts on Facebook every time they buy foods, cook them, or eat something a little extravagant, in the same way that he brags about his cars and work achievements and the size of his house, it's almost like a superiority complex...so yes I do think he has issues with power, status, and control, but I don't particularly see it in the same light as disordered eating. For me personally, buying food ties in with self-worth. I often feel not deserving of much, and I rarely buy larger pack sizes, as that would be placing more value (financial and volume of food - wise) on myself and my needs than I am worthy of, and when I do buy high calorie (high fat & sugar) foods, I usually buy the least expensive things I can find, and buy them as a treat to try to make myself feel like I am a deserving enough person to be worthy of having treats.

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