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Oh me. Yes, I too have already begun to obsess over how I will get through this day. I don't think I will overeat, because I just don't eat much period, but my hassle is my family making comments or looking at me or saying "you HAVE to eat".....sigh...I would almost rather stay home. But as far as good carbs are concerned, I am wondering what will be on the menu that would be described as a good carb...I helped arrange the menu (of course I did),but I am not sure if there are any...maybe sweet potatoes? I can say that in the past week I have been trying to incorporate carbs into my diet at dinner. I sometimes crave sugar but have noticed that I don't have as many cravings when I eat some rice or some potato with my dinner. I think that is the concept you are describing. And that word nourishing...wow...there is something both scary and comforting in that word. Thank you for your support during this holiday season.

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