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I thought I was alone too. I am 45 and have been bulimic for 30 years! There were some years where I was not bulimic but mostly they are bulimic years. When I was 18 my mother kicked me out of the house and I went into an inpatient hospital that I found in a desperate attempt to get healthy. When I came out everyone assumed I was well and I never told anyone the truth - that I still struggle every day. I didn't want anyone to be disappointed or ashamed of me so I live this lie. My mother still boasts how her "tough love" saved me. Little does she know I purge every day. Now, I have 2 young daughters that I hide this disorder from and it is exhausting. It is time for me to find help again because as much as I promise myself everyday that I will not purge - I struggle and fall into the cycle almost every day. Thank you for your post. Helps not to feel alone.

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