Eating Disorder Recovery
Joanna Poppink, MFT
Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
serving Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon and Utah.
All appointments are virtual.

If you suffer from an eating disorder now or have in the past, please email Joanna for a free telephone consultation.

Dear Kym and Shh, I had a stereotypic alienation feeling with bats until I went to Bali. There I met a baby giant bat in the moneky forest who had fallen from a skyscraping tree. The Balinese made a tree stand for it so it could hang upsidedown. One of its wings was torn. They taped it, and while it was healing took care of the baby. I gave it a piece of banana. It took it from my hand so sweetly. I now love bats. The children's award winning book, Stellaluna, is one of my favorites. But still, they need to live in their caves, not in our attics. :) J

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