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Here you can find articles that may answer your questions and support you in your personal recovery work.

You'll also find a series of inspirations and affirmation that may help you stay on your healing path.

Please remember, helping yourself does not mean going it alone.  Helping yourself means discovering what what you can do to support your own recovery.  That includes how to recognize opportunity and reach out for what supports your health and personal development.

When you help yourself you are looking to people as well as books, websites and classes, who are in a position to offer you genuine recovery help on your journey to healing.

Open new doors to find your recovery path.

How do I stop restricting when I am underweight?

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Liv and Susie are asking questions that relate to many people who restrict. (In response to invitation post) The questions go like this: "How do I change course and start gaining when I am underweight?" "Even if I’m at a weight that’s too low, how can I just maintain instead of losing?" "I’m still losing weight! How can I stop?"  "When will I feel that it is okay to eat?"

An approach to stop restricting
I’ll give you an approach you can use to help yourself stop restricting. Then I’ll try to help you understand how it works. But please know, you don’t have to understand how this approach works for it to be effective.
For you quick readers:
Be your own doctor. Give yourself the authority to take charge of your health.

Lonliness Contributes to Binge Eating: Loneliness Quiz



If you feel more lonely than you can bear, your feelings of loneliness can trigger a binge.  Loneliness is not about being alone. It's about feeling isolated or marooned.  It's about feeling unloved in a world where others are loved, unknown where others are known, unreachable with no one stretching out a hand to you.

What Should I Eat? How do you approach this question?

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*pix You're hungry or your not hungry but you know it's time to eat. You're emotional and know it's not time to eat. Empty plates show you that many choices exist. But they don't tell you how to make your choice.

Guidelines in how to cope with food choices and eat well.

"What should I eat?"is a question that people ask through the day, whether they are in recovery or not. They ask this even if they don't have an eating disorder and even if they have been seeing a nutritionist and studying various food plans.

If you are dealing with an eating disorder, or the remnants of one, how do you approach this question?

How to Heal From Binge Purge Response to Crisis

Crisis Questions

Isn’t it odd how you sometimes need to binge for no apparent reason and yet function well during a major crisis? Have you wondered why sometimes you need to binge when nothing in particular seems amiss or when something tiny goes awry?

Perhaps you've wondered why you can move through part of a day or night without binging or purging at all. I think about these questions as they relate to my patients and to the people affected by an eating disorder who write or call me looking for help and understanding.

Anorexia When You Are Past Your Teens




What happens to anorexic teenagers when they become anorexic young women?

They wilt like flowers unable to cope with the ongoing stress of a more complex and demanding environment.

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