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FireWoodStone-DeniseCrossOnce a day (more if you wish) lay on the floor on a rug or quilt or yoga mat. Let the floor support you.

Let the ground support you.  Let the entire earth beneath you, support you.

Don’t “try” to relax.  Simply pay careful attention to your inhale and exhale. Watch your breath, and let the planet support your body.

For example, if you have an eating disorder you may take on responsibilities, tasks, emotional or physical burden that are more than you can bear.  You can't ease up on your committments.

If you let go, even for a short time, and do nothing you give yourself a chance to develop trust. Lying down you can discover for yourself that the planet is beneath you and holding you. It will support you while you give your mind, body and soul a rest.  

You can know you are securely held. This kind of rest can teach you how rest feels. Then you learn how you can be you in that rest, free of doing and free or criticizing yourself for not doing, even if just for a moment. 

Moments can grow into minutes.  Over time, minutes can grow into a way of life.mi

If you bring this mindful resting into your daily life you may find that it will help you move through eating disorder stresses and cravings.

Eating disorder urges can pass through you and be gone if you let the earth hold and reassure you with its ever present strength.

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