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Exercise 1

At least three times a day – upon rising, mid day and before going to sleep say aloud
three times or more:

May I be free from danger.
May I have mental happiness.
May I have physical happiness.
May I live with kindness and ease.

(saying these statements slowly and quietly to yourself before you eat or drink
anything at anytime is also helpful.)

After a week of using these statements, add another three repetitions with a
slight shift:

May you be free from danger.
May you have mental happiness.
May you have physical happiness.
May you live with kindness and ease.

Please write in and let us know your experience and if you have any questions.

For example, some people find that when they say "I" in this exercise they can be harsh, yet when they say "you" that are more generous.  It takes practice to develop the ability to be kind and generous to yourself when you have an eating disorder.

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