How Dreams Penetrate Eating Disorder Defenses and Speed Recovery

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*In eating disorder recovery dreams your authentic self breaks throught the eating disorder shell to bring clarity in a disguised language of images.

An eating disorder blocks or distorts complex or subtle emotions. With an eating disorder, a person feels fear, anxiety, strong needs for someone else often misinterpreted as love, reassurance near a sense of safety when praised or given gifts that contribute to her belief in herself as a person of high status, if only for a moment or a few days.

The power of the eating disorder is not complete. Feelings of dread, the need to isolate because she is apprehensive about being with others penetrate the emotional blocks created by the eating disorder. She can be inconsistent in her relationships with others and inconsistent, even erratic, in her ability to concentrate or maintain interest in her activities.

Ecopsychology Metaphors: Guide to Eating Disorder Recovery

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True Story of Personal Growth Inspiration through a Relationship with Two Pomegranate Trees

A woman has two pomegranate trees. She planted them in her garden many years ago. She watched them grow from tiny saplings. After four years they gave her a few pomegranates. The following three years they each gave her about 20 large red pomegranates.

As the trees continued to grow they produced more but increasingly smaller fruit. The branches grew thin with many frail sub branches.

Our enthusiasms show us our next steps in eating disorder recovery

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Eating disorders block our intuition and sense of deep self. Our passionate actions can mirror back to us the unconscious processes of our psyches. That mirroring allows us to catch the callings of our deep self and recognize where we are on our path to eating disorder recovery, wholeness and fulfillment.

When we seem removed from our inner life planning and enthusiastically enter into an unexpected task we are often being guided by our deep Self, giving us answers to questions we haven’t allowed ourselves to ask.  Paying attention to these actions can bring us to a deeper understanding of our state of mind, our choices, decisions and especially what lies ahead for us in life.

The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz: a guide to identifying psychotherapy issues

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* Sorting out the swirl of fact, belief, projection, weaknesses and strengths

Don Miguel Ruiz states four agreements between us and the world that can bring joy, satisfaction, health, good relationships and success to our lives. Stating these agreements as clearly as he does gives us the gift of facing them. When we face them, we have an opportunity to see how we do and do not bring these agreements into our lives on a regular basis. That gives us the opportunity to see what’s required to improve our lives. It’s a wonderful guide to identifying issues that can be explored and addressed in psychotherapy.

What follows are each of his agreements and the psychological issues that might be indicated in psychotherapy work when you have difficulty honoring them.

  1. Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

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