Eating Disorders: More than about eating and appearance

silhouette dark woman 67202 480Question: What's hidden under your clothes, under your awareness, under your eating disorder? Answer: the path to your healing.

Vanity, character flaws and psychological weakness are not causes of eating disorders.  

Believing they are undermines a person's appreciation of themselves, fosters shame and inhibits seeking real help. It also creates massive confusion when a person with an eating disorder knows she has a strong sense of who she is yet can't find a way to live while honoring herself.

In the Midst of Global Fear and Crisis,Your Eating Disorder Recovery Matters

heart dove 81207 340*pix Your health, strength, courage and will can spread healing love in this world.  Stay committed to your recovery. The world needs you.

Crisis and Tragedy: What Can We Do?

Fear, financial crises, economic uncertainty, incurable illness, quarantine and death penetrates the bubble of safety and security now. Caronavirus, stock market plummeting, travel limited,  no clear leadership, conflicting perspectives in duration and consequences. What can I do?  What can you do?

Perhaps you've asked yourself these questions. I have an answer. It's the same answer I have for just about everything. It comes in different forms:

  1. Be as healthy in mind, body and spirit as you possibly can.
  2. Keep learning, expanding your life and standing up for what you value.
  3. Give yourself understanding and compassion so you can thrive.
  4. Give others understanding and compassion so the world thrives. (If you can't, then put yourself in surroundings where you can learn understanding and compassion)

Incredible Power of Your Recovery 

Above all, to you, my readers, dig in deeper for your eating disorder recovery. The world needs you.  The world needs the wisdom you develop from your tribulations within this illness and in your recovery work. You can share that wisdom once you emerge from your eating disorder whole and clear.

Your journey to recovery makes you a holder of universal knowledge, a message carrier through your thoughts, words and deeds that conveys courage, grace and strength in confronting reality. It empowers you with the kindness required to heal and befriend.

My hope is that bit by bit, step by step, person by person kindness, wisdom and healing will spread through the world so stability and courage to face our challenges permeates us all. Your eating disorder recovery is unique to you. It is centered in you and based on your personal journey. Yet it  is part of a universal healing. Every moment of your recovery work matters. Making peace within yourself makes you a source of stability and courage in the world.

Joanna is a private psychotherapist in Los Angeles specializing in eating disorder recovery with women.

For information about her practice see: 
Psychotherapy with Joanna

Joanna offers a free 15 minute telephone consultation. To schedule an appointment, please e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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heart, dove, silhouette, love, luck

Eating Disorder Body Fantasy and Path to Recovery

balloon 1046658 340
*pix Romantic, colorful, joyous uplifting sight - balloons rising into a beautiful sky. This is pleasure, even elation, in the moment.  But, living to keep an ephemeral bit of lovliness as a permanent state of being can be disastrous. Can you enjoy a moment and stay in the reality of cause and effect?


Balloons pop.  Balloons deflate. Their pieces fall to the ground or lodge in trees and bushes. Colors fade. The physicality of the balloon is fragile. The balloon is designed for a short life span and then succumbs to the forces of nature and collapses.

Your body is not a balloon. It can be strong, healthy and survive many harsh experiences. It can be lovely, uplifting and provide you with joy - the joy and exuberance of health. 

Stay in Eating Disorder Recovery on the 4th of July

fireworks 804838 640
Every holiday seems to have a large food component in our culture.  Fourth of July is no exception.  *pix

If you have an eating disorder the holiday may pose some challenges for you that other people don't consider.

If you recognize these challenges and confront them directly in terms of your needs and vulnerabilities, 
you can participate in a fun celebration while maintaining your eating disorder recovery.

Fourth of July food challenges take many forms.

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