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Eating Disorder Recovery Therapist Gets Gifts and So Do You

gift_surpriseEating disorder recovery is challenging to each person wanting recovery. It's also challenging for this eating disorder recovery psychotherapist. Today has been moving and confirming. It seems that when I begin to wonder if I'm making any headway in my work I get gifts. So do you.

Los Angeles Hong Kong Healing Bridge

Someone asked for help in getting eating disorder treatment in Hong Kong. Then a post arrived from a clinical psychologist in Hong Kong who specializes in treating eating disorders. She was thanking me for my work and asked for my list of in-patient programs. I could match her up with the caller. wow.

Healthy Eating - A Memorable Lunch

My neighbor, Jody, transformed part of her front yard into an organic vegetable garden. Two rectangles about 15’ x 6” bounded by wood framing are devoted to her “farmette”. The median between her sidewalk and the street has wooden supports for the tiny tomato plants that are starting to reach for the sky. I walk past her house at least twice a day and sometimes four when I walk my dog, Winston. (He actually should take up more space in this blog because he is a co therapist in my practice as well as a friend in my life.)

Catch 22 in Getting Eating Disorder Treatment

helping-handReaching for Help

Calling or thinking of calling for help in getting eating disorder recovery can put you in an excruciating dilemma. I hope this dilemma doesn't prevent you from reaching out.

Positive Opportunity

Here’s how how the dilemma reveals itself.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

NEDAeatingdisorderNational Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Useful Resources for All Year

Here's a list of what I consider useful and substantial resources related to eating disorder information and treatment opportunities.

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