Eating Disorder Recovery Call: End procrastination and save your life

woman phone              Make the call to honor and save your life.

Will you keep waiting for tomorrow to begin your recovery? Tomorrow never comes.

Procrastination is a powerful part of living with an eating disorder. You postpone taking recovery action. When you put positive activities off you are saying that you'll create a new life for yourself in the future. You plan in your mind, as if you can have two lives, this one and the one you'll create when you finish procrastinating.

More and better friendships create a more healthy and joyous life

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Psychotherapy is personal and private. Yet we also need companionship and friendship for healing our eating disorders and our lives. Let's communicate better with each other. Let's heal wounds that maintain rifts between one another and befriend people we thought we could never befriend. 

12 Eating Disorder Recovery Questions

You need a center.  We all do. The questions to ask are: Is it your true authentic center? Or are you using your eating disorder as your center?

You developed an eating disorder to hold your emotional and psychological life together. Something interfered with your developing a solid self core that could sustain you through the trials and challenges of living. Developing an eating disorder is a creative act. You created a core center that you can support by controlling how you eat (or don’t eat), how you exercise, how you isolate and how you limit your life to specific habits and routines.

Hold the Opposites, Contrasts and Tension for Eating Disorder Recovery

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“The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

And when is it not a time of challenge and controversy? When we are in moments of comfort and convenience, aren't we focusing on what's pleasant in our lives and disregarding pain in the world? We can't focus on pain all the time. That's disabling. We need to nourish ourselves and each other with love and support.

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