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Susan Boyle: a gift to us all!

A joyous wake up call just blasted stereotypes about women completely out of rigid cultural perceptions.  It happened on the Britains Got Talent show.  Susan Boyle, the wrong age, shape, size, and in the wrong hair style, makeup, dress and shoes according to cultural dictates of what constitutes desireable women, ploughed into the hearts and minds of everyone who heard her sing her audition piece, "I dreamed a dream,"from Les Miserables.

Away with rubbish!

Eating Disorders and the Importance of Compassion

butterflies two
                                           Compassion is powerful yet has a light touch.

Eating disorders overwhelm a person's life. A person with an eating disorder needs compassion for herself and compassion from others.

I wonder, and ask myself and you and anyone who will listen, why is compassion so difficult to achieve in this or any culture? We all need it, and the benefits of sharing it are huge. Or better yet, we can skip the why question and get to the more practical one: how can we develop compassion?

Bulimia Recovery: How Long Does It Take?


startnow8norA woman suffering from bulimia for three years asks: How long does it take to work the steps and recover from bulimia?

This is such a reasonable question, yet it is not answerable. I remember asking it myself after my first few 12 step meetings.

Mothers and daughters, I miss my mother

Recently Isabella Mori, a gifted psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada interviewed me about eating disorders. One segment of three was about mothers and daughters.

Since that interview, I've been thinking and feeling more about my mother. She died two years ago at age 90 while brushing her teeth one innocuous morning in Sarasota, Florida.

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