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Stabilize Anxiety through Self-Care

Stabilize Anxiety through Self-Care: Benefit You and Others*pix Your health, strength, courage and will can spread healing love in this world.  Stay committed to your recovery. The world needs you.

Anxiety: How Does Self-Care Help?

Anxiety, financial crises, economic uncertainty, incurable illness, quarantine and death penetrates the bubble of safety and security now. Coronavirus, stock market plummeting, travel limited, no clear leadership, conflicting perspectives in duration and consequences. 

This disruptive state is enough to trigger binge eating and anxiety attacks. 

In the face of such powerful disrupters, what can we for ourselves and others?

Anxiety and the Pandemic: How you can understand and help yourself

anxiety stress pandemic and you

Anxiety and Stress during a Pandemic

We are not living in ordinary times. Anxiety grows. Our reasonable adaptations for stress may not serve us well when stressors comes every day and sometimes ever hour. We suffer emotionally when the stability of our economics, our politics, our relationships, our health, our physical safety and the safety of those we love is continually threatened. Finding balance and reasonableness can be difficult or impossible. 

Anxiety, Binge Eating, Intimacy Issues: The Fire Alarm Is Not the Fire

Anxiety, Binge Eating, Intimacy Issues: The Fire Alarm Is Not the Fire                       The alarm is not the fire.

Symptoms such as binge eating, anxiety issues and eating disorder behaviors are alarms.

Stopping the anxiety or binge eating alarm without addressing what’s causing the alarm to sound off accomplishes little or nothing. It also can be dangerous because the metaphoric fire continues to burn and may increase in ferocity.

When a fire alarm goes off the problem is not the sound of the alarm.  The problem is the fire. The deeper problem is the cause of the fire.

Artificial Sweeteners, Diets and Weight Gain: A Powerful Connection

Artificial Sweeteners, Yo Yo Diets and Weight Gain
Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

Weight gain and artificial sweeteners are partners. The promises surrounding artificial sweeteners play into the false sense of reality that accompanies eating disorder thinking. You believe can eat something sweet, not take in sugar, not take in calories, satisfy your cravings and not gain weight.  But that belief is not the reality.

If you have an eating disorder you put thought and energy into how to outwit your body. Your goal is to binge eat or restrict and simultaneously have the body shape and weight you want while feeling good. To do this you avoid or deny solid information about what your body needs to thrive.

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