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Eating Disorder Recovery
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Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
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Someday Mary might become curious about herself. If she does she might begin her triumphant journey.

Triumph actually begins with defeat. Once Mary knows that everything she has tried has failed, she may open herself to something new. This is usually the reason people seek 12-step programs, meditation, support groups, friendly and comforting religious programs and/or professional psychological help.

Their pain, fear and despair is so intense that they are willing to reach out to something unknown and perhaps frightening rather than continue their way of life.

Overeaters also look for help when they feel they have no other choice. Sometimes the overeating itself is no longer effective in blocking their feelings. They feel overwhelmed with anxiety. They are alone with their secret without knowing what it is.

This devastating feeling reduces all choices to one: meet your true self at last. The possibility of freedom lies is changing direction, reaching out to unfamiliar resources, examining your inner life.

What follows is a series of secret discovering questions, preparatory activities and action steps to start you on your triumphant journey. Answer the questions. Begin to discover your secrets. Learn how to build the inner strength and knowledge base that will equip you to discard the overeating way of life.

Bon Voyage!

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