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Situation - anxiety - an amorphous feeling spreading out of your undefinable self. You can't tell if it's going in or going out or both. It feel like it will overwhelm you.  Yet, like the reflection nebulae, there is a shape to it, and while the anxiety is vast, it's not endless.  But you won't know that if you eat or binge to block your awareness.


Often when you overeat or binge you are trying to soothe yourself. And often it works.  You numb your emotions. You may even think you feel safe or calm as you approach emotional oblivion.

Exercise: Ask yourself:

  • Where do I need to feel safe or calm in my life?
  • Where do I need to accept my powerlessness?
  • Where do I need to develop and exercise my power?

For example, are you trying to change people or events which are beyond your control? This may be where you need to accept your powerlessness.

Are you neglecting yourself and activities which you can effect? This may be where you need to develop and exercise your power.

  • Make a list of three areas you would like to be different in your life.
  • Think of what you can and cannot influence on this list.
  • Let go of what you cannot change.
  • Add to this list at any time.

By reading and thinking about these Exercises to Stop Overeating you have already begun to exercise your personal power. As you become stronger and sturdier within yourself your eating disorder becomes less necessary. You are on your way to recovery.

How do you answer these questions that can give you insight into your anxiety and need to overeat?  What can you learn from your answers?


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