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Are you curious about your secrets? Curiosity is the beginning of freedom. It mobilizes your strength and courage. Curiosity propels you on your recovery journey.

Responsible diet books or physical exercise programs provide tools and guidance to help you achieve more physical health, strength, flexibility and stamina. They do not address the powerful issues that challenge or block your entry to a more healthful psychological and emotional path.

To reach the more healthful path that can lead to triumph and freedom you need your curiosity.

Curiosity asks, "Why must I live this way?" Then, as you become more alert and aware, you seek your answer in new and deeper ways.

Asking this questions is the beginning of the search, find and understand section of your journey. Your secrets are treasures which, when discovered, understood and emotionally processed, will help free you from your overeating life style.

How Secrets Relate to Overeating and Binge Behavior

There are two kinds of secrets: the ones you know about and the ones you don't know about.

Secrets overeaters know about and try to keep hidden from others cover a wide range of eating behaviors. Some secrets include:

  • Gorging on bread, pasta, pastry, ice cream, frozen yogurt, especially alone at night.
  • Getting caught in the sweet/salt trap eating peanuts and chips with cookies and candy.
  • Sitting in front of the TV, eating and 'checking out' for hours.
  • Eating for comfort while driving the car.

Overeaters often calm social jitters by eating privately before they eat a meal with other people. This also helps overeaters to hide their true eating habits. It's easy to say no publicly to second helpings and chocolate cake when you have eaten sweets before the meal. Plus, you know you can gorge yourself when you get home.

Overeaters often try to convince others to join them in "innocent treats," pretending their eating splurge is an occasional lark and not part of a regular pattern.

Keeping secrets from others often involves lying. Lying strips you of your self esteem and fills you with permanent guilt. The guilt feels permanent because the lies seem so necessary. Without the lies your secrets would become known. Public disclosure of your secrets seems to you like it would be a personal catastrophe.

What are your secrets?  What secrets do you try to ignore and even forget about at times?  What secrets have you kept hidden away for many years? 

Bringing them out in the open in a journal first, with a therapist, with a trusted friend can begin to open pathways in your mind, heart and soul that allow you to experience new forms of healing.

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