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Yes, Jeane Kilbourne's video is powerful. I don't think there is a reaction you are supposed to have. You simply have the reaction you have. I'm glad you stopped watching. And I'm glad you wrote here. We live in a dangerous world - no question about it. We may have a fantasy that recovery from an eating disorder brings happiness and joy. It doesn't. Recovery from an eating disorder gives us the opportunity to tolerate what we experience, develop courage, think realistically and make healthy decisions. And that's what gives us the opportunity to experience happiness and joy. Our daughters are such precious beings. We want them safe, cherished, honored and given free range to explore and develop into the wondrous women they can be. We protect them as much as we can while we have them. And they go out into the dangerous world. So.... we need to equip them so they can survive and thrive. They need awareness, courage, a strong belief in their self worth, a sturdy spirit that is resilient in a harsh environment, an appreciation of love and beauty so they recognize it when they see it and can make it happen for themselves. We have to nurture that. We have to that in ourselves so we can nurture it in them - and set the example too. Yes, we do need to be aware of the Kilbourne is showing us in Killing Us Softly. And we need to be able to stand up to it and not be crushed by it. This is not easy. The material can be triggering, as was your experience. So we have to recognize when we are nearing the limits of what we can bear and stop. Not block or deny but stop short of retraumatizing ourselves while staying aware. Then, we build our strength and come back for more. Our daughters will ask us questions. Or worse, they won't and begin to accept the exploiting messages. We have to be present and sturdy for what is so we can answer their questions, and wake them up when they numbly accept negative messages about their identities as women and the value of their souls. We can't control the media. But we can pour so much goodness, self worth and health into our girls and ourselves that the messages become laughable and irrelevant to the real life of a real woman.

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