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Yes I think the same also - is it about feeling safe/not feeling safe do you think ? that voice that says don't leave me and to suddenly say or try to say we feel ok in the world one day yet the next day we dont thats what I experience- - This is were it gets difficult to understand and accept and lots of confusion comes in, we feel great one minute then flat the next. Joanna mentions something in her book about not having enough experiences to work on prior to and during our recovery to uphold new successes. This possibly refers to this stage were in addition to not having enough experiences we dont also feel strong or confident enough to trust these new feelings/actions to yet be able to build on them feel safe to trust our new experiences- just wondering if this resonates with you all too- As Joanna mentioned above - Awareness is KEY - I really resonate with this - we are all becoming aware of these areas and that alone is new and positive right?

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