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Two weeks without extreme calorie counting! No entries on paper or my online diary. I count a little in my head, and I tend to eat the same thing everyday, but I have even broken out of that habit, and I am finding myself eating things without having to know the exact numbers. I am working out more, but not obsessed at all. It feels good to be taking care of myself. Yes, I get anxious at times, but I am not a mess. Today at the gym I saw myself in the mirror and my first thought was, is that really me? Because for a few moments I actually thought I looked good. So I looked again, this time longer. I am not hideous. I am not a freak. People keep telling me this but now I am starting to see what they see, and it is easier to accept my imperfections. Yay for eating. My brain is starting to work again! the tug of war game in my head wants to take over, but I am fighting it harder than ever before. It's been a good day :)

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