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Try this for an experimental exercise. Put yourself in an imaginary house of mirrors at a carnival fun house. See yourself distorted into all kinds of absurd contortions because of the quality of the glass. Do you believe that each reflection is an accurate description of you? Good grief, if we want to make a fantasy horror show we could have the individual turn herself into such contortions so that quality mirrors reflect the distortion she creates. But if she knows she is creating the distortion herself, then we can play with what her agenda might be in this fantasy movie. Neither of these scenarios connect with the authentic person of value you are. But awareness is not a cognitive experience. Awareness is not about soothing, compliments, positive descriptions by others, talking yourself into believing something, etc. You need to protect and nourish the spark of light within you to reach enlightenment, Shh. Drop your brain thinking and do the HHH exercises - slowly and daily. See what happens over time. You ask how you can "remedy this" as if it were a problem to solve. It's not a problem to solve. It's a journey to experience. It's your journey.

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